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– Not all those who wander are lost –
J.R.R. Tolkien

Often people wonder how they know which therapist is most suited for their problems. This is a hard question. There are four schools in psychotherapy. You can decide which school you appeal to most, and then make a choice. It’s however more important that you feel good with your therapist, that you feel encouraged, safe and supported. You can check this in a first meeting.


My name is Katelijne Hendrickx (°1986). My native language is Dutch, but I can certainly express myself in English as well. I started my Masters in Clinical Psychology at the KULeuven because I have been always interested in people’s motivations and relationships. After a professional search, I decided to go more into the depths of the human soul and started in september of 2017 an education in the Clientcentered Therapy at the KULeuven.

Client-centered therapy, also known as person-centered therapy, is a non-directive form of talk therapy. It tries to help you with psychological difficulties or conflicts, but it also enhances your personal growth, your experiences and wellbeing.

About emotions: